Juhani Lehikoinen, the owner of Nunnanlahden Uuni Oy, established the company in 1982. The same year saw the beginning of the industrial production of heat-storing soapstone fireplaces honouring the traditional craftsmanship of local fireplace masters. From the very beginning, heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplaces have been known as well-behaved and reliable heat sources.

Juhani Lehikoinen is a third-generation fireplace master. His father Tahvo Lehikoinen worked at the Nunnanlahti soapstone quarry for 40 years and learned the secrets of the various soapstone types. Thanks to his father’s valuable experience, Juhani knew where to find the best soapstone deposit, which he then claimed (Mining concession: Nunnanlahti No. 3159).

Today, NunnaUuni is the largest fireplace manufacturer in Finland still owned by a family, and it also has an important position on the export market. The strong handicraft tradition and advanced technology of NunnaUuni are valued in the demanding market areas of Central Europe.

NunnaUuni Oy is Finland’s only manufacturer of heat-storing all-soapstone fireplaces. The fire chambers and heat-storing structures of all our heat-storing fireplaces are made of the soapstone type found in our own deposit, which we call the Mammutti soapstone. The excellent thermal properties of this soapstone type have been proved by geological studies.

The Nunnanlahden Uuni group is a financially sound family company that is independent of external investors. The manufacturing, marketing and sales of fireplaces are the responsibility of its subsidiary NunnaUuni Oy, which was established in 2007. The group’s head office and production plants are located in Nunnanlahti, Juuka, in North Karelia, Finland. NunnaUuni fireplaces are sold by authorised dealers in a number of countries.

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