A genuine NunnaUuni creates long-lasting heat

We are introducing the latest models in our DEKO product line at the Progetto Fuoco exhibition in Verona, Italy. The exhibition stand also includes an impressive selection of heat-storing full soapstone fireplaces and injector fireplaces. The NunnaUuni fireplaces are built with proprietary Mammutti soapstone, which has excellent heat resistance and heat storing properties.

The NunnaUuni DEKO line of fireplaces is designed for everyone who wants to enjoy the atmosphere created by real fire and clean, natural warmth. A lightweight DEKO fireplace does not require massive foundations. It is reliable, effective for its size and well suited for temporary heating and providing a reserve heat source for the home.

Burning with a steady flame, a DEKO Due fireplace is magically eye-catching. Most importantly, it heats the room for up to 12 hours after the fire has faded out. DEKO Due C 2 pictured.
The double shell structure of DEKO Due utilises the strongly foliated talc structure of Mammutti soapstone, which is a special property of this soapstone type. The soapstone conducts heat quickly in the direction of the talc foliation and more slowly against the foliation.

The DEKO Due fireplace has a double shell of Mammutti soapstone. It enables the DEKO Due to release soft and even heat for up to 12 hours after the fire has faded out. The product line also includes DEKO Uno models, whose single soapstone shell design enables them to release heat quickly into the room.

The elegant design of DEKO fireplaces complements the interior of various rooms. The product line includes models with a straight or curved design, and the fireplaces are available with a soapstone surface or a black or white enamel surface. A bottom plinth that raises the fire up for better visibility is available as an accessory. The DEKO fireplaces are designed by Finnish designer Henri Sydänheimo.

Depending on the model, the DEKO fireplaces weigh 341 to 508 kg. The DEKO fireplaces have received clean smoke gas test results in the CE 13240 stove test. Controlled combustion ensures that the flue temperatures in the fireplace remain at a safe level.

Saga is a slender, heat-storing soapstone fireplace. The entire fireplace, including the fire chamber, is made with Mammutti soapstone. It releases heat for up to 30 hours after the fire has faded out.
Over time, a brown periclase layer has formed on the surface of the Mammutti fire chamber stone. The periclase surface remains usable for several decades and conducts the thermal energy from the fire quickly into the structures of the fireplace.

More than a hundred years’ experience in fireplaces

At the NunnaUuni exhibition stand 5 B 2, we are showing fire chamber stone from a soapstone baking oven, which was built 70 years ago and remained in operation for several decades. Its surface has been hardened and browned by the intense heat in the fire chamber. For more than a hundred years ago, this was the sign of a durable fireplace with good heating and baking properties, and experienced fireplace masters carefully selected the right soapstone type for the fire chamber.

Still today, the fire chambers of heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplaces are made with selected Mammutti soapstone, honouring traditional craftsmanship.

The fire chamber is the most important part of a fireplace. Studies have confirmed that the best material for the fire chamber is a soapstone type whose surface becomes brown talc-periclase with good heat conducting properties in the intense heat in the fire chamber. An all-soapstone fire chamber stores a lot of heat quickly and remains usable for several decades.

At the exhibition, we are showing the tunnel model of the heat-storing Latus L, where the fire can be seen from either side of the fireplace. Latus is made entirely with Mammutti soapstone, and it can heat the room for up to 50 hours after a single burn of approx. 2 hours.
Genius is a heat-storing injector fireplace whose heart is the injector unit made of Mammutti soapstone. It burns wood with an impressive flame but keeps the flue temperature at a safe level.

Clean, enjoyable warmth

NunnaUuni is also an environmentally sustainable choice. Our patented Golden Fire burning method produces high but even heat, which burns wood cleanly. We have managed to minimise the harmful particle emissions. The NunnaUuni fireplaces comply with all the European emission regulations.

The Golden fire burning method enables burning the wood quickly without wasting heat through the flue. Due to the excellent thermal conductivity of the Mammutti soapstone type, the NunnaUuni fireplaces store a lot of thermal energy for their size. The stored heat is then released slowly, as pleasant and even radiated heat.

We warmly welcome you to visit our exhibition stand 5 B 2 at Progetto Fuoco from 24th to 28th February, 2016.

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