Innovations for enjoyably warm homes

The success of NunnaUuni is based on the uniquely durable Mammutti soapstone, its own innovations that promote efficient burning and fast heat accumulation, continuous product development, and a design and product range that have significance to the customers.

The Golden Fire burning method already meets future particle emission standards.

NunnaUuni has exclusive rights to a deposit of durable Mammutti soapstone (Mining concession: Nunnanlahti No. 3159). The Mammutti soapstone stores the thermal energy of the fire very efficiently, endures the high temperatures of the fire chamber and keeps the fireplace warm for a long time after the fire has faded out. Our most important inventions make use of these properties of our own soapstone type.

NunnaUuni is a pioneer of fireplace research and product development. We study the properties of our soapstone type and are constantly looking for new ways to make the most of it in fireplace use. We make use of information provided by research in our fireplace product development work.

The injector storage unit quickly transfers the heat generated during burning to the heat-storing Mammutti soapstone. At the same time, smoke gases are cooled to a safe temperature before they reach the flue.

We manufacture environmentally-friendly fireplaces. As early as 1998, we introduced our patented Golden Fire wood burning method in our fireplaces (Pat. no. EP1008808), minimising harmful particle emissions and helping users make the most of the excellent thermal properties of the Mammutti soapstone type.

Thanks to the Golden Fire, the wood burns cleanly and efficiently right from the moment that the fire is lit. We are one step ahead of the ever-tightening emission limits for wood burning: our heat-storing fireplaces are already below the European EcoDesign emission limits, which will enter into force in 2022.

Living and the heat demand of homes have changed over the decades. We pay attention to the stylish design and convenient use of fireplaces. We work in close co-operation with experts in design, construction and energy technology.

In the 2010s, we have complemented our product range with light injector fireplaces. Despite its light weight, the injector fireplace is a genuine heat-storing fireplace. Thanks to our patented Mammutti soapstone injector storage unit (Pat. no. 122079), we were able to incorporate clean burning and extended heat release output into a smaller and lighter fireplace.

DEKO Due fireplaces feature a double shell of Mammutti soapstone, which extends and softens the heat.

In addition to heat-storing soapstone fireplaces and injector fireplaces, we manufacture DEKO fireplaces, which are suitable for enjoying the atmosphere of a fire and occasional heating needs. The heat-storing stones of DEKO fireplaces are also genuine Mammutti soapstone.

DEKO Due’s double shell of Mammutti soapstone extends and softens the heat, bringing a pleasant, lingering feeling of warmth to your home. This makes DEKO Due an excellent fit for modern homes.

In total, we have been granted close to 60 registered patents and registered over 100 protected designs. All our fireplaces have several patented innovations – inventions that make your NunnaUuni unique.