A firm foundation

The genuine comfort of warmth is based on a soapstone type that endures high heat, directly from NunnaUuni’s own soapstone deposit.

The Nunnanlahden Uuni group has exclusive rights to a deposit of durable Mammutti soapstone (Mining concession: Nunnanlahti no. 3159). The good financial standing of our company is based on our knowledge of the Mammutti soapstone types in our unique soapstone deposit and the fact that we are able to use them in the structures of heat-storing fireplaces in the best possible way.

Selecting the right type of soapstone requires a high level of expertise: for this reason, we identify the types of stone already at the mine before the stone is removed. Every one of our fireplaces has been manufactured with great professional pride. As proof, we provide a NunnaUuni durability guarantee of five years for the stone parts and the thermal properties of all our products.

According to core samples, our mine in Nunnanlahti contains an estimated 29 million tonnes of the Mammutti soapstone type. The open-pit mine is 200 metres wide and 350 metres long.

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