Soft, safe warmth from a DEKO-fireplace

NunnaUuni DEKO is the perfect size-comfort balance. In DEKO fireplaces, wood burns with a steady flame, making it ideal for enjoying the leisurely atmosphere in front of a fire. It is at its best when you want the atmosphere of a fire or occasional overnight heat.

DEKO Due‘s double shell of Mammutti soapstone extends and softens the heat, bringing a pleasant, lingering feeling of warmth to your home. DEKO Due ensures heat whenever a storm causes an outage, and it is also suitable as an additional source of heat.

The DEKO Uno and the DEKO 5 models both release the heat from the fire into the room quickly. They are well suited as a fireplace for places such as summer houses that need to be heated up quickly. They are good sources of backup heat and create the atmosphere of a real fire when you want warmth for a short time.

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DEKO fireplaces

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