Delicious food and great heat-generating capacity

Baking ovens and wood cookers are suitable both for the kitchen at home and at the summer cottage, for cooking and heating. An all-soapstone baking oven offers one of the best heating capacities available on the market today. Our heat-storing fireplaces equipped with a cooking surface have two cast iron hobs.

NunnaUuni baking ovens are meant for those with serious cooking and heating needs. By burning wood in the baking oven you can heat up its stone grate. This will ensure that your pizzas and pies turn out great. The oven stays warm for a long time, because the upper section is insulated from the surface materials, and the downward transfer of heat is slowed with a patented thermal plate.

Our heat-storing fireplaces equipped with a cooking surface heat up your home quickly and guarantee that you will be able to cook your food during power outages too. The cooker is also a perfect choice for any summer cottage. The cooker’s hot surface heats up the room quickly while its soapstone structure stores heat and releases it consistently and slowly over a long period of time.

Baking ovens



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