A heat-storing fireplace for heating and enjoying a warm atmosphere

A beautiful, blazing fireplace enchants the soul and relaxes the mind. NunnaUuni’s excellent heat storage capacity ensures that you will enjoy its gentle, soft warmth long after the fire has faded out.

All NunnaUuni fireplaces store heat very efficiently. Our selection includes fireplaces that work both as the only source of heat at the home, as well as an additional source of heat that lowers the energy bill. The slow and consistent heat release method of a NunnaUuni fireplace also makes it an ideal fit for a low-energy house.

An all-soapstone fireplace suits any space at the summer cottage or in the living room and can be installed in both renovated or newly-built spaces. Most NunnaUuni fireplaces can be modified easily to suit your needs. You can customise a NunnaUuni fireplace in your own style using this selection tool.

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