“Fire without smoke, no need to worry about particle emissions!“

NunnaUuni fireplaces have been designed to meet the requirements set by urban areas. With a NunnaUuni fireplace you can enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the fire as often as you like without having to worry about emissions.

NunnaUuni’s patented Golden Fire wood burning method (Pat. no. EP1008808) produces an extremely high temperature, in which wood gasifies evenly and burns efficiently. As a result, NunnaUuni fireplaces produce only minimal wood-burning emissions.

Wood placed on the NunnaUuni’s Golden Fire grate is lighted from underneath. This ensures that all logs begin to burn quickly. The burning process is efficient and clean from the very start. If wood placed in the burning chamber is lit from the top, the resulting slow burning process will produce humid flue gases which will form a layer of pitch coal inside smoke ducts and flues. When this layer dries, it forms an uneven, blistery surface, which can easily cause a soot fire.

The Golden Fire method burns particles and harmful gases of the smoke gases

Genuine NunnaUuni fireplaces are built to adhere the emission limits of the future EU EcoDesign standards. The concentrations of particles, PAHs, hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide are only a fraction of the emissions from fireplaces with a traditional fire grate.

The heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplaces have been tested in accordance with heat storing fireplace test method (CE EN 15250). In this strictest test method only for heat storing fireplaces the smoke gases are measured during the entire burning phase, starting from the moment the fire is lit.

The Golden Fire gasification burning method and the excellent heating characteristics of Mammutti soapstone complement each other in the structure of our heat-storing fireplaces. Learn more about creating a warm heart inside your home.

Measurements conducted by: Tampere University of Technology, Institute of Materials Science ** red. O2=13 % = the amount of oxygen in the smoke gases is 13%. The reduced measurement results are comparable.