A NunnaUuni fireplace as part of your home’s warmth

A NunnaUuni fireplace provides an excellent heat source for your home. When heating with a NunnaUuni, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of a real fire and feel its warmth long after the fire has faded out.

A fireplace is a stylish heat source, which will cut your electricity and gas bills down considerably. Our heat-storing soapstone fireplaces release heat for up to 48 hours. A NunnaUuni fireplace is also a perfect addition to other energy solutions, such as geothermal heat systems or ones employing air source heat pumps.

The slow and consistent heat release method of a NunnaUuni fireplace also makes it an ideal fit for a low-energy house. It is also a great option for anyone looking for something that can both create a cosy atmosphere and serve as a secondary heat source during a possible midwinter power outage. A NunnaUuni fireplace can be installed in both renovated or newly-built spaces.

Selecting the fireplace

In addition to the area to be heated, the right size for the fireplace also depends on how leak-proof the building is, its thermal insulation, ventilation, and the surface area of the cold exterior walls and windows.

In practice, the fireplace provides heat best in the areas where it can be seen. A NunnaUuni fireplace is indeed a good-looking heat source. Our product range has fireplaces for different kinds of homes and interior design styles. Explore the product range.

Fireplaces with baking space, baking ovens and cookers are suitable for cooking

A NunnaUuni oven provides an ideal solution for those looking for a modern and convenient way to cook food. In the morning, you can pop a casserole in the oven, which your fireplace has already heated the evening before, and when you get back from work in the evening, your dinner will be cooked and ready to serve. Easy isn’t it – and delicious!

A fireplace creates a warm atmosphere and forms a part of the interior

An injector fireplace is a heat-storing fireplace with fresh design and a beautiful blazing fire. It lets you enjoy the warmth of Mammutti soapstone up to 24 hours. Read more about injector fireplaces.

The light DEKO stoves are a good option, if you only want the fireplace for its ability to create an elegant atmosphere rather than its heating features. DEKO Due’s double shell of Mammutti soapstone extends and softens the heat. Read more about DEKO fireplaces.

Improve your house’s energy efficiency with original NunnaUuni accessories

By equipping your fireplace with a NunnaUuni Aqua+ heat exchanger, you can transfer some of its heat into your central water-heating or use it only to heat domestic water, while the rest radiates slowly and evenly into your home from the fireplace’s surfaces. Read more about NunnaUuni Aqua+.

A replacement air system can be easily installed under all NunnaUuni fireplaces. This allows the combustion air for the fireplace to be conveyed straight from the outside if needed. A combustion air supply is particularly useful in new houses with mechanical ventilation. Read more about NunnaUuni’s replacement air system.

How to choose the right fireplace?

Our professionals will be happy to help you choose the fireplace that suits your needs best. Contact your local NunnaUuni expert.