Viveca's appearance was enchanting and its heat-storing abilities were convincing

Ilkka, Ikaalinen, Finland

Our house, which is built on a hillside, was completed in 2011. We invested in efficient and functional heating already during the construction phase; our house has both wood and oil heating and floor heating with water circulation. Out of these, heating with wood is the primary form of heating with us – not least because I sell firewood for a living.

We chose Viveca primarily for its appearance. We wanted a heat-storing fireplace that had a large mass of stone. My wife and I walked into the NunnaUuni shop together, and we saw Viveca on display immediately after stepping inside. This model of fireplace was on display at an interior design fair at the time, and it was dismantled there and brought home to us.

We placed Viveca in a room downstairs reserved for the fireplace. The utility room and washing facilities are also located downstairs. 
We use the fireplace a lot for practical purposes. Heating with wood takes the damp cold brought by winter away from downstairs, the indoor air becomes much more pleasant, and warm air also rises upstairs.

We heat the fireplace a few times a week in the winter as needed. We use well-dried birch with a good calorific value for heating. In fact, one reason to choose Viveca was the large fire chamber with a wide door – you can burn a 33 cm log in Viveca, which is what I consider a sign of a decent fireplace. This is the first soapstone fireplace in my life, but I do have experience with heating with wood since I was in primary school. I would say that heating with wood is as natural for me as breathing.

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