It's good to live in Leila's warmth

Hannu, Nivala, Finland

When my house, a single-storey wooden building heated with direct electric heating, was completed in 2011, I started to visit hardware stores looking for a fireplace, with the dream of finding additional heat and a cosy atmosphere. I had already selected an excellent spot for the fireplace: right in the middle of the house, between the living room and the kitchen.

I found a heat-storing fireplace to my taste at NunnaUuni. I liked the looks of Leila, manufactured out of Mammutti soapstone, and its thermal properties were very convincing.

I have lived with Leila for about a year now. Leila has proved to be efficient and quick to heat, and it releases heat for a long time. You can get a lot of heat out of a small amount of wood, which I get from my own plot. When it's freezing, I heat the fireplace every night; now in the autumn I heat it every other night, and in the wet days of summer, whenever necessary.

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