A heart for the house

Kati, Ylinen, FINLAND

When we moved into our new home in Häme in 2011, it felt like something important was missing. Our house didn't have a fireplace. The living room downstairs felt empty and cold. I grew up in Nunnanlahti in North Karelia; the village is known for its soapstone and soapstone fireplaces. Even the Kosula log house that my family built in the 1800s already had a NunnaUuni fireplace. At my childhood home, we had two baking ovens made out of soapstone, and they were in frequent use for decades.

I wanted to bring something from North Karelia into Häme. We began to look for a fireplace on the Internet and browse catalogues. Finally we found Viveca, a massive, handsome heat-storing fireplace made out of Mammutti soapstone; it was practically made for our living room. Both of us were enchanted immediately. Here it was, the number one choice!

When Viveca came into the house, the mood in our living room changed instantly! Now the house had a heart. Viveca is an interior design element, which brings a new idea into the space and makes it cosy, yet distinguished. The fireplace also attracts the attention of practically all of our visitors. We placed Viveca downstairs in the middle of the house, from where the gentle heat can rise nicely to upstairs, too.

In the winter, we heat the fireplace every two days. In the ever-darkening autumn evenings, the importance of the fireplace in creating the atmosphere is emphasised. During the summer, the fireplace rests. In our family, the love for soapstone seems to have been transferred “from father to son". Soapstone is an important part of my identity, and I am happy and proud to tell others about it, too.

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