A house with three heat-storing soapstone fireplaces has plenty of heat

Sari, Kiljava, Finland

When we were at the final stages of building our two-storey log house in Kiljava in 2010, 
my husband made me responsible for choosing the fireplaces. As a city girl who had moved to the countryside, I enjoyed my freedom to choose. I found the soapstone dream I was looking for in the NunnaUuni bespoke range. The fireplace Pielisen Aallokko (The Waves of Lake Pielinen), with its massive form sculpted out of Mammutti soapstone, seemed like it was made for the downstairs in our house. I ordered it without consulting my husband – fortunately we have a similar taste.

I had been considering a heat-storing fireplace upstairs, but when our NunnaUuni dealer came to take measurements, my choice changed to the Vanessa corner fireplace based on her recommendation. The dealer had an excellent vision, and she put a lot of thought into our choice of fireplace. The corner fireplace is a great fit for upstairs, and the heat radiation covers the whole area without obstacles. For the kitchen upstairs, we got Eva, a convenient combination of a cooker and a baking oven.

The NunnaUuni dealer played an important role in our fireplace selection. I give her the full “ten points" for service – we can really thank her for her attitude and the quality of her work. This is a lot coming from me, because usually I'm pretty critical about service and quality.

In daily use we have Eva, a wood stove that makes the home feel even cosier and gives lovely heat daily, and we heat the baking oven on free weekends and holidays – usually when we have more time. Food cooked in a baking oven garners praise from those who have tasted it. Our friends, who have enjoyed the casseroles and ham, have also invited themselves to eat during Christmas in the future. We light a fire in the Pielisen Aallokko (The Waves of Lake Pielinen) downstairs at evenings with company, for our own and our friends' enjoyment.

You can't even guess how happy I am with NunnaUuni. Both heating and cooking is something both of us do. I learned the necessary skills for heating a fireplace from my husband. Heating is easy. The heat is wonderful, and the fire is beautiful to watch. The two German Shepherds in our family also enjoy the warmth, especially the “big boy" of 9 months of age, whose favourite place to lie down is next to the Vanessa fireplace. Believe it or not, the long-haired dog lies with his back pressed all the way next to the fireplace for the whole night.

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