Soapstone or nothing

Anu, Pyhäsalmi, Finland

We were in complete agreement about the fireplace we wanted in our new home. We both liked soapstone as a material. The appearance of the stone pleased us, and we had only heard good things about its properties. We wanted a fireplace we could use for practical purposes, both for heating and cooking, and the atmosphere would come as a bonus.

When the NunnaUuni seller presented us with the features of the Olivia Duo fireplace with baking space out of Mammutti soapstone, the choice was made.
I have to praise the seller's expert approach; it was a pleasure to do business with her, and it was very easy to ask questions about all kinds of things about heating. Everything has gone perfectly with this purchase; the delivery was fast, the installation was easy, and the fireplace works perfectly.

Our fireplace with baking space, placed in the middle of the house, against the masonry wall, is heated almost daily starting from the autumn until long into the spring. The heat spreads nicely throughout the house. In addition to the practical heating benefits, we also enjoy the atmosphere of a real fire enormously. The easy-to-use fireplace with baking space is well-suited to everyday life, and food stews in it at while the home warms up.

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