Creating a warm heart inside your home

The Golden Fire gasification burning method produces pure and superior heat effect. Unlike cast fireplace materials in ceramics, the uniform, oriented and natural Mammutti type of soapstone conducts heat rapidly into the structures of the fireplace. This ensures that heat is captured and stored efficiently. You can burn wood rapidly at a high temperature without having to lose the generated heat up your chimney.

Its excellent thermal conductivity, outstanding heat storage capacity and superior heat resistance characteristics make the Mammutti type of soapstone the supreme source of comfortable warmth. The Golden Fire gasification burning method ensures the clean burning of all heat-storing NunnaUuni fireplaces.

The NunnaUuni fireplace structure, made entirely of soapstone, has a high heat storage capacity.

This is how Mammutti soapstone works in a fireplace

Mammutti soapstone conducts heat quickly in the direction of the foliation and more slowly against it. This relationship between thermal conductivity and the direction of the foliation in the stone is used in our fireplace structures to ensure optimal heat release.

1. The fire chamber is built from fine-grained, oriented Mammutti soapstone, which, thanks to the brown periclase that forms on its surface, is highly heat-resistant. The direction of the foliation is chosen in a way that ensures the rapid transfer of heat into the deeper layers of the fireplace. A considerable portion of the generated heat is already captured for storage inside the fire chamber.

2. The direction of foliation within the smoke ducts corresponds to that found inside the fire chamber. This way, all of the remaining heat can be captured close to the fire chamber.

3. The surface layer is built using oriented Mammutti type of soapstone allowing heat to travel parallel to it. This, in turn, ensures that the entire fireplace structure radiates heat evenly into the surrounding room.

The Golden Fire gasification burning method, EP1008808.

Golden Fire burns wood cleanly and efficiently

The Golden Fire burning method developed and patented by NunnaUuni is based on the precise direction of air, which ensures that exactly the right amount of air is used in the different phases of burning. This is possible, because the grate we use in our fireplaces is specially constructed with holes and equipped with a controller that ensures that the amount of oxygen remains exactly right during the different phases of heating, from lighting the fire down to the embers.

1. Combustion air is conducted into the space under the Golden Fire grate, either from the surrounding room or straight from outside the house. When conducted in from under the grate, the air cools the grate down and simultaneously preheats.

2. A small portion of the combustion air is conducted under the embers through holes found in the Golden Fire grate to ensure that the gasification burning process continues smoothly and evenly. (This is a key difference to fireplaces which employ a traditional fire grate, as in them, all of the combustion air is conducted under the burning logs. This results in a fire that burns in an unstable and uncontrollable way.)

3. Most of the preheated combustion air is conducted from the sides of the Golden Fire grate to the space around and above the logs where it serves as secondary air and ensures that the gases released evenly from the said logs burn at a high temperature of 800–1 200°C.

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