Fireplace installation

The delivery of a NunnaUuni fireplace always includes the assembly of the fireplace and its connection to an existing flue. The installation is carried out by an installer authorised by NunnaUuni or a local NunnaUuni importer. An authorised installation is required for a valid warranty.

A NunnaUuni installer comes to your home at a pre-arranged time to assemble your fireplace. Your NunnaUuni dealer will give you an estimation of the duration of the installation or potential additional services, as well as the installation conditions. The installation of a basic fireplace takes 1–2 work days.

In addition to the delivery of a NunnaUuni fireplace, you can buy other services provided by your dealer. They might include, for example, disassembly or foundation and tiling work. The additional services vary from one dealer to another.

The installation of a NunnaUuni fireplace, a result of a hundred years of tradition and the latest research findings, is craftsmanship that requires special skills.

After the installation work, your NunnaUuni installer or dealer will instruct you in the use of your fireplace.

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